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I've been going through piles of paper--boxes and boxes of the stuff.  Before computers, I saved clippings, and I've obviously had this one since 1996.  It still makes me smile!  Now, it is scanned and saved on the computer, and the clipping has been trashed.  Much cleaner and more accessible!

I love this poem especially because it reminds me of an incident early in our marriage.  Mr. Bojo approached me, offering me a sock.  I was perplexed at what he wanted when he complained that the sock had a hole in it.  At the confused look on my face, he explained that his grandmother always darned the holes in his sock.  Ah!  He thought I could darn his sock!  I did.  I took the offending sock, walked it to the trash, and as I dropped it in, I theatrically exclaimed, "Darn sock!"  And then I laughed hysterically at the shocked look on his face!  When I explained that any darning I would attempt would leave him hobbled and hirpling in pain, he joined in the laughter.  I've been "darning" his socks the same way since then.   
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My photos of the prairie are so inadequate in showing its beauty.  Even if I weren't shooting through a dirty window at 80 mph, I wouldn't be able to come close to Judd Patterson's photography.  Judd was a little boy in our old neighborhood.  He has grown up to be a fine artist.  I contacted him by e-mail to ask permission to share some of his photos, and he graciously agreed.  Photos are Judd's, and the poetry belongs to Rich Mullins, a man who loved the prairie, too.

From the place where morning gathers
You can look sometimes forever

Run wild with the hope... )


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