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I've been going through piles of paper--boxes and boxes of the stuff.  Before computers, I saved clippings, and I've obviously had this one since 1996.  It still makes me smile!  Now, it is scanned and saved on the computer, and the clipping has been trashed.  Much cleaner and more accessible!

I love this poem especially because it reminds me of an incident early in our marriage.  Mr. Bojo approached me, offering me a sock.  I was perplexed at what he wanted when he complained that the sock had a hole in it.  At the confused look on my face, he explained that his grandmother always darned the holes in his sock.  Ah!  He thought I could darn his sock!  I did.  I took the offending sock, walked it to the trash, and as I dropped it in, I theatrically exclaimed, "Darn sock!"  And then I laughed hysterically at the shocked look on his face!  When I explained that any darning I would attempt would leave him hobbled and hirpling in pain, he joined in the laughter.  I've been "darning" his socks the same way since then.   
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Photo by Bumberjean

We weren't expecting anyone to come home this weekend, but Bojojr and Bumberjean decided to.  We should have a bunch of fun!
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Bojoette took me to Hobby Lobby in order to frame a few pieces of artwork (that I'd had lying about for roughly forever), and the store had their Easter things displayed.  0_o
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We're back home after a long whirlwind weekend of moving.  Bojoette has a great little apartment in a wonderful location, but more on that later.  On our way to Kansas City, Mr. Bojo pointed out the large cargo on the semi in front of us.  He laughed as I tried to see something, and then I saw what had amused him.

A truck driver hauling a Caterpillar: )
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When Bojoette lost her name tag, her supervisor told her to come up with something.  There was no point in ordering her a new one, as she hopes to get a nursing position soon and will be leaving them.  Bojoette dug around in a box in the break room and came up with a discarded name that suited her fancy:  Rex.  Her real name--and I know some of you will be disappointed that she doesn't have Bojoette on her birth certificate--starts with a 'T' so she added that to Rex and went on the floor to start her day.  She wasn't the only one with an assumed name:  Kevin was Jose', and young Brittany was Ethel.  It was a red-letter day, too, as the high muckety-mucks were visiting.  One struck up a conversation with my darling daughter.

Muckety-muck:  And what are your suggestions for making our guests have a more enjoyable shopping experience, uh (looking at name tag), um, Rex.
Bojoette:  (helpfully)  It's T-Rex.
Muckety-muck:  Oh, T-Rex. 

He went on without batting an eye.  Of course, when Bojoette got home, we laughed ourselves silly  and walked around roaring and slapping one another ineffectively with our tiny T-Rex appendages. 

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Can you spot the tourist?  :D

LJ Friend:  Oh, my word!  Is she still posting Christmas photos?
Other LJ Friend:  She is!  Wasn't her vacation like last year
LJF:  It was.  I swear, the woman doesn't have a life.
OLJF:  Do you remember all the posts she made about that church?
LJF:  You're referring to the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine?
OLJF:  How did I forget the name of that place?  She posted long enough about it!
LJF:  I know just what you mean!  I felt like Moses and the children of Israel stuck in the desert.  We wandered around that cathedral for forty years.  I was to the point of posting, "Let my people go!"
OLJF:  *snicker* 
LJF:  Even that was better than some of her recent posts.  Did you read the latest where she critiqued a funeral?
OLJF:  You are kidding me!
LJF:  No, indeed.  I think she gave it one star or two thumbs down.  I don't know.  I just skim to preserve my sanity.
OLJF:  That's crazy!
LFJ:  Oh, my gravy, you don't know crazy!  We are so fortunate not to be her children. 
OLJF:  What makes you say that?
LFJ:  Well, her cat has been ill, and she has taken it upon herself to send out a Litterbox Report daily to her children.
OLJF:  Those poor children!
LJF:  Oh, no, don't feel sorry for them.  The crazy didn't fall far from the tree.  When she forgets the Litterbox Report, they call her for the update. 
OLJF:  So the only sane one in the bunch is her husband, Mr. Hobo?
LJF:  Honey, when you live 30 years with bizarre, the crazy is bound to rub off.  Let's just politely look at her photos and be glad we don't receive the Litterbox Report.  
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At our last Friends of the Library board meeting, we were discussing the recent break in and our need to install a better security system.  The window that had been broken had been replaced, and we were taking stock to make certain that nothing had been taken.
One Member:  Were any computers stolen?
Library Director:  No, we've accounted for every computer.
Another Member:  What about movies or music?
Library Director:  It doesn't appear any of those are missing either.
Sweet Little Old Lady Member:  Has anyone checked our complete works of Shakespeare?

To which all of us laughed long and hard!


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