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Our dinner didn't start with dessert, but I like the memory of this berry creation so much that I'm starting with it here.  Our waitress told us that the berries hadn't been grown on school grounds as some of their produce is, but the students did pick them at a farm about 15 miles away.  The milk for the whipped cream came from the school's dairy, and the flour for the cookie would have been ground at their mill.  She told us that Dobyns Dining tries to grow much of their food and get as much as possible at nearby farms.

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Okay, name that tune!  It's from the '60s, is pure Motown sound, and was sung by a girl band. 

The answer:  "Stop! In the Name of Love."  You knew that, didn't you?
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Can you spot the tourist?  :D

LJ Friend:  Oh, my word!  Is she still posting Christmas photos?
Other LJ Friend:  She is!  Wasn't her vacation like last year
LJF:  It was.  I swear, the woman doesn't have a life.
OLJF:  Do you remember all the posts she made about that church?
LJF:  You're referring to the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine?
OLJF:  How did I forget the name of that place?  She posted long enough about it!
LJF:  I know just what you mean!  I felt like Moses and the children of Israel stuck in the desert.  We wandered around that cathedral for forty years.  I was to the point of posting, "Let my people go!"
OLJF:  *snicker* 
LJF:  Even that was better than some of her recent posts.  Did you read the latest where she critiqued a funeral?
OLJF:  You are kidding me!
LJF:  No, indeed.  I think she gave it one star or two thumbs down.  I don't know.  I just skim to preserve my sanity.
OLJF:  That's crazy!
LFJ:  Oh, my gravy, you don't know crazy!  We are so fortunate not to be her children. 
OLJF:  What makes you say that?
LFJ:  Well, her cat has been ill, and she has taken it upon herself to send out a Litterbox Report daily to her children.
OLJF:  Those poor children!
LJF:  Oh, no, don't feel sorry for them.  The crazy didn't fall far from the tree.  When she forgets the Litterbox Report, they call her for the update. 
OLJF:  So the only sane one in the bunch is her husband, Mr. Hobo?
LJF:  Honey, when you live 30 years with bizarre, the crazy is bound to rub off.  Let's just politely look at her photos and be glad we don't receive the Litterbox Report.  
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This is a posed photo!  We met this gentleman sitting alone with a chess board in Bryant Park, and he eagerly asked if any of us were up for a game.  It's been years since I've played; I think Bojojr used to play, but I'm sure it's been a long time for him, too.  We politely declined, but we struck up a conversation, and he told us stories about famous players and fabulous moves.  He told us about a player so legendarily good that he could win games by playing with only pawns.  As I started to snap a photo, he wanted to set the board up to make it look as though Bojojr was making a clever move.  I was happy to take the posed shot, but I enjoyed shooting some candids, too. 

I love New Yorkers; they get a bad rap. )
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We must not have a lick of sense, because it seemed we spent more time outdoors than we did in on our vacation!  It was a freezing day, so we headed for another outdoor market at Bryant Park (Yes, the Bryant Park of Project Runway fame).  Back home, we would think someone was certifiable to have outdoor shops in December.  It works for New York, though. 

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The title of the post is the official name of Saint John the Divine, although it is teasingly referred to as Saint John the Unfinished.  Designed in 1888 and begun in 1892, the structure was to be built in the customary cathedral shape--a cross--in the Byzantine-Romanesque style.  Immediately, construction ran into difficulty trying to reach bedrock for a firm foundation.  It was finally hit 72 feet below surface.  Rather than change location, J.P.Morgan, a trustee of SJtD, donated a half million dollars to continue construction.  In 1899, the first services were held in the crypt--the only part of the cathedral completed at that point--after an expenditure of $2 million dollars, a staggering amount of money in those days (I plugged in the numbers in an inflation converter, and the same would cost $51 BILLION today, if that can be right.)

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[ profile] write4jesus had mentioned that New York seemed a colorful place.  That's an understatement with a store like Pearl River Market.  Located in SoHo, not far from Chinatown, Pearl River is a delight to the eyes.  With space being at a premium in NYC, most stores--that aren't major chains--are short on square footage.  Pearl River has three spacious floors containing a cornucopia of products.  I picked up stocking stuffers for the Christmas celebration we'd have after vacation. 

I know where you can buy a Lucky Cat. )
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So, dearhearts, to recap our visit thus far to Kansas City:  we ate, visited the Kansas City Public Library, ate, visited the used bookstore, and ate (we also sat in a great many cars which we had no intention of buying and a couple with potential).  So, what to do on our last day?  We were tired of eating out, so it was a fend for yourself day in the kitchen (mmm, cold cereal).  Afterward, we headed to Oak Park Mall.  Which has the nicest Barnes and Noble!

This is the jaded smile from a non-reader who has been dragged to too many bookstores and photographed excessively (in her opinion).  The Glitterati get a bit testy with the paparazzi from time to time.
< $9 for books all weekend, honest... )
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Bumberjean shared a favorite bookstore, Half Price Books.  I miss the used books stores I used to frequent at home.  They've all closed over the years.  A new one opened after my favorite closed, but the people running it were unbelievably rude the first time the brood and I visited,  and we haven't returned.

I was delighted to pick up Phantastes by George MacDonald and The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley.  Both were old paperbacks but the price was right:  $2.62 including tax!  Score!

Pleasure for some, torture for others. )


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