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Welcome to my shade garden, the Dark Side.  This area is beneath the sycamore, and once it leafs out, the entire area there--and most of our neighbor's yard is in shade.
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Ala Tiny Tim, Briscoe would like to say,"A Merry Christmas to us all; God bless us, every one!"
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When Bojoette lost her name tag, her supervisor told her to come up with something.  There was no point in ordering her a new one, as she hopes to get a nursing position soon and will be leaving them.  Bojoette dug around in a box in the break room and came up with a discarded name that suited her fancy:  Rex.  Her real name--and I know some of you will be disappointed that she doesn't have Bojoette on her birth certificate--starts with a 'T' so she added that to Rex and went on the floor to start her day.  She wasn't the only one with an assumed name:  Kevin was Jose', and young Brittany was Ethel.  It was a red-letter day, too, as the high muckety-mucks were visiting.  One struck up a conversation with my darling daughter.

Muckety-muck:  And what are your suggestions for making our guests have a more enjoyable shopping experience, uh (looking at name tag), um, Rex.
Bojoette:  (helpfully)  It's T-Rex.
Muckety-muck:  Oh, T-Rex. 

He went on without batting an eye.  Of course, when Bojoette got home, we laughed ourselves silly  and walked around roaring and slapping one another ineffectively with our tiny T-Rex appendages. 

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Last post, I showed a picture of a wedding gown-attired Bojoette and then talked about the Chamber of Commerce meeting at the Bicentennial Center on Friday night.  It was a cliff-hanger!  Or what passes for one in this journal. 

Come Saturday morning, Bojoette stopped by the house.   
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