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What I find appealing about our Festival is that the art is made accessible, interactive, and fun for a wide variety of ages.  Of course, the Fine Arts tents would frown on excessive touching, but there is so much more to do, especially for children.  An entire section of the park is devoted to the wee ones (far away from Fine Arts!), along with their own entertainment tent with performers brought in just for them.  When Bojojr and Bojoette were small, we spent most of our time in the children's section, where tent after tent catered to them.  
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We're back home after a long whirlwind weekend of moving.  Bojoette has a great little apartment in a wonderful location, but more on that later.  On our way to Kansas City, Mr. Bojo pointed out the large cargo on the semi in front of us.  He laughed as I tried to see something, and then I saw what had amused him.

A truck driver hauling a Caterpillar: )
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My photos of the prairie are so inadequate in showing its beauty.  Even if I weren't shooting through a dirty window at 80 mph, I wouldn't be able to come close to Judd Patterson's photography.  Judd was a little boy in our old neighborhood.  He has grown up to be a fine artist.  I contacted him by e-mail to ask permission to share some of his photos, and he graciously agreed.  Photos are Judd's, and the poetry belongs to Rich Mullins, a man who loved the prairie, too.

From the place where morning gathers
You can look sometimes forever

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Last post, I showed a picture of a wedding gown-attired Bojoette and then talked about the Chamber of Commerce meeting at the Bicentennial Center on Friday night.  It was a cliff-hanger!  Or what passes for one in this journal. 

Come Saturday morning, Bojoette stopped by the house.   
There are no wedding bells... )
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Last weekend was our semi-annual book sale.  Added to the books were art prints.  Sadly, the library won't be offering art to check out any longer.  The art took too much space and wasn't utilized as it had been in the past.  Libraries are changing from quiet places of lofty reflection and learning to pandering to the least inspiring aspects of pop culture.  Or I'm just a cranky fuddy-duddy.

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