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We've had the lush spring flush of the roses, and they are currently resting up for their next blooming.  The photo of their blooms remain, however.  It's been hot and mostly dry, so harvest is in full swing for wheat.  We'd had such a long winter, we thought harvest would be late, but plenty of rain and hot temperatures made up for lost time.  I may have some photos of combines in action once I check my camera.  I was driving down the highway, snapping away, but I haven't looked to see if I captured anything.  I don't look at my camera as I'm driving, so I never know what I've photographed until I download.  It really is a bad habit, but I'm probably a better driver then, because I'm so overly attentive.  I'd never accept that excuse from my children, though!

This area used to be where I plunked flowers my daughter liked, and she called it Gorgeous Pretty Flower Land, or somesuch.  All of the pretty little bulbs were dug up by squirrels, and I accidentally "weeded" the Stargazer Lilies.  Then the roses took over.  There are still some ruffly iris growing there, and it's an ideal situation, as they used to always flop over.  Now, the roses hold them up.  In return, the iris beautify the area before the roses decide to bloom.  I've taken to calling it the Assisi Garden, because of a statue of the saint which resides at the other end.

The centerpiece of the latticed area is Excellenz von Schubert.

He was supposed to be fragrant, but my clone isn't.  I am beginning to suspect that he is really Gartendirektor Otto Linne in disguise.  He is healthy and attractive, so he isn't going to be thrust out of the garden.  It certainly is representative of how gardening is less of a science than an art.  No matter of planning and knowledge can overcome the foibles of nature and misrepresented roses.  Gardeners must adapt, adapt, adapt!

At least the roses flanking faux-EvS are fragrant.  Sweet Chariot is classified as a miniature, but as you can see, she's a very robust mini!  SC is a Ralph S. Moore bred rose.  Moore started breeding roses while still in high school!  When I first began growing roses, I was interested in miniatures (Moore's speciality), and I planted quite a few of them.  My two Sweet Chariots are the only ones left.  Our winters are too cold for most minis; Mr. Bojo can wipe them out with one stomp; and I decided I like giant roses best.  For the record, I didn't dig up or kill the minis--they left on their own.  Usually, the only reason I remove a rose is for disease.  *narrows eyes and reconsiders Cardinal Hume*

At the far right of the previous photo is Jude the Obscure.  He had a hard time with last year's drought and scorching weather.  I water new roses their first year, but then I expect them to buck up and manage on their own.  Jude could have used a little water last year.  If we have a repeat this summer, I'll be kind and give him a weekly drink.  I wouldn't want to lose him.

During cooler temperatures, he is a deeper apricot.

Most of the time, however, he is a creamy apricot.  They say his fragrance is myrrh, which some people dislike.  I love it.  Jude's a very smelly boy.

Past Jude, you can see the supporting post for Buff Beauty.  We had a beautiful specimen there, but we had to whack her to pieces when we resided the house.  Hopefully, in a few more years, the new BB will fill that area in nicely.

My Jackmanii clematis is nowhere near that color!  It's a dark bluish purple, but that's what the camera sees at sunrise.

The sun was just clearing the houses to the east of us.

We won't travel further down Assisi where the tiny Buff Beauty struggles.  Let's move to the opposite end of the latticed area where some pretty pink roses lean into the picture.  Rose photo bomb!

This is Aloha, possibly my favorite rose.  We'll visit her area of the garden next!
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