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You'd think the Compost Garden was the homeliest planting area in the yard.  You'd be wrong!  But before we go further, allow me to introduce you to Cardinal Hume.  I like his purplish-red blooms, but he has a tendency to blackspot and he is sprawly.

He is paired in the Marriage Bed with Mrs. Price.

Mrs. Price is a dainty little thing.  She's the kind of plant that makes people question that she is a rose. Being snuggled by the afflicted Cardinal Hume usually ends up with Mrs. Price becoming naked at the end of the growing season.  They've been together since we built the bed, so I'm loathe to separate them, but it's not a healthy relationship.

Mrs. Price was sent by error instead of Else Poulsen.  I've planted a number of imposters over the years!  The most eggregious was a huge, gangly swamp rose that was supposed to be a delicate, demure Maiden's Blush.  When they are just canes (especially bareroots), there's no way to tell until until the first bloom.  Then, surprise!  And you hope that you have it planted in an appropriate spot!

And now for the plainest garden:  The Garden of Weedin'.  Bojoette named it.  To be fair, it gets better later in the year when the lavender blooms, some monarda pops up, and that rounded green plant in the foreground blooms tiny white flowers.  A friend gave me that plant, and I don't recall what it is.  The centerpiece of the bed is an unusual rose.  It's in bloom, can't you tell?

I don't think many people grow the Green Rose, which is a shame.  It's extremely healthy in my garden.  It's been dated back to 1827.

Finally, a photo of my new range with two ovens.  I'd be baking cookies right now if our air conditioner wasn't broken, but I don't want to heat up the house.  I'll have to freeze those over-ripe bananas until we get the a/c back.  The a/c isn't only broken--it's shot.  We have to replace the whole thing.  When the HVAC guy looked at our furnace, he told us it needed to be replaced at the same time.  He also said that our units were undersized, and we needed to up-size our duct work.  I had 99 projects planned for this summer, but this wasn't one of them!

My dear husband was waiting for bids on the work, and he remarked if a certain one came back with a reasonable price, we'd do that.  Frankly, we've been fortunate that the last six days haven't been absolutely miserable, so I'm all for a/c even if it isn't reasonable!  See, there's a need for there to be two of us.  We balance out the logical and crazy pretty well, and we take turns at it.
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