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Beauty is fleeting!  One must enjoy it while one may.  Although my center rose, Quietness (a Dr. Griffith Buck creation), hadn't blossomed to her full potential, it was time to take photos as we had several days of severe thunderstorms, hail, extreme wind, and tornadoes forecast.  My poor, poor roses.  They are bedraggled currently, and I'll have to cut many canes back that have broken.  But, it was beautiful while it lasted!  This is the Corner Garden.

Quietness is the centerpiece of that garden, and a fine rose she is, too.  She handles our heat and cold with aplomb and isn't deterred by disease.  I highly recommend her for the Midwest.

As you can see by my chubby hand, Quietness has beautifully large blooms.  I had to hold most of the blooms if I didn't want the wind to ruin the picture.

Did you notice my planters?  I leave them out all year, and the weather doesn't bother them a bit.  I planted them when a former neighbor irritated me by talking about another neighbor being "tacky."  (She wasn't tacky at all--just not up to her standards.)  I decided to show my neighbor what true tackiness was.  When we replaced two toilets for water-conserving ones, I asked my husband to give me the tanks for my garden.  He was aghast but agreed.  I plopped the toilets directly across the street from my neighbor's view and planted them with pretties.  I recall gleefully telling my family that my toilet planters would probably force our neighbor to move.  I didn't really believe that, but it wasn't long before Bojojr burst through our door to laughingly announce that a "for sale" sign had popped up in our neighbor's yard!  I hadn't planned on leaving my "planters" as permanent fixtures, but they've grown on me.

When we first moved in, that corner was hideous.  It had two telephone poles, a fire hydrant, a stop sign, and lots of black plastic and rocks.  It took a ton of work from everyone in the family to clean it up and make it attractive.

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