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IMG 3107 - Copy
Photos by Bojojr and Bumberjean
Bojojr and Bumberjean spent their evening at Mysteryscape, a Kansas City indie bookstore.  They enjoyed a talk by the author and then stayed for an autograph.  Who was that bearded writer scribbling in copies of his books?

IMG 3114 - Copy
It was Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Name of the Wind and Wise Man's Fear.  He gave an interesting and informative talk and stayed afterward to talk to his fans and sign books.  Mr. Rothfuss seemingly enjoyed meeting his fans, and he took his time with each one.  Bojojr said they spent over three hours at the bookstore!

IMG 3118 - Copy
When Mr. Rothfuss saw Bumberjean's copy, he was excited to see that it was a first edition hardcover from 2007.  That's a true fan who has been with an author from the very beginning.  Mr. Rothfuss said that deserved a little extra on the title page.

IMG 3119 - Copy
I have no idea what this is about, but it's so cute!

IMG 3121 - Copy
Bojojr took his turn for a photograph.  Bojojr doesn't read for pleasure (oh, he denies that by saying his business and psychology reads are pleasurable), which made Bumberjean warn him not to say such things out loud in the bookstore!  He called us while Bumberjean was in line to while away the time.  Bojojr was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Rothfuss' speaking ability.  The author easily kept his attention, which is a feat when discussing the characters and fictional world of which Bojojr was unfamiliar.  Bojojr was impressed with Mr. Rothfuss, and that's saying something for a young man who has counted his mother's "ums" in her daily speech.  (Both he and Bumberjean have been president of their local Toastmasters.)  I believe they've helped me to, um, cut down on that annoying habit.

IMG 3123 - Copy
Bumberjean enjoyed her evening immensely.  And what little extra did Mr. Rothfuss add to her title page?

IMG 3126 - Copy
Aww!  Mr. Rothfuss truly appreciates his fans.

(It looks as if Flickr is having a breakdown, as I see the photo in the header on my journal isn't showing any longer.  Oh Flickr, I loved you once.)
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